Inspiration is what keeps us moving and mine stems from my two grandmothers. Yes, both of my grandmothers had influence over my current life, although not immediately and certainly not consciously. My grandmother from my mother’s side was an antiquarian, and the come and go of old furniture, paintings, and unique jewellery was imperious for my coming-of-age thinking process, as well as my grandmother from my father’s side, who was definitely someone living ahead of her time, always taking me to art and jewellery exhibitions.

After graduating from a Production and Ambient Design degree at IADE - Visual Arts, Design, and Marketing Institute in June 2006, I enrolled in a course at Ar.Co - Visual Communication and Art Centre, with the duration of four years - three years of full programme + one year of individual project.

From September 2010 to March 2011, I took a step forward and move to Barcelona to take an internship at Marc Monzó and Estela Guitart’s studios. When I came back, my heart was filled with hopeful thoughts and I learned a lot, but I wanted more, so I went to work as a studio assistant for the renowned Portuguese designer and jeweller Valentim Quaresma. This lasted until July 2012, yet before that I was already certain about the path I wanted to fulfil. Joana Mota Capitão Jewellery was born in May 2012, in a time when all my confidence was set on this jewellery brand I wanted to build with my own conception and style.

My work as a jewellery designer is based upon a contemporary approach to the crossing over between organic elements and geometric references, by way of exploring a cleansed language, using volumes and fittings that make the pieces consistent and homogeneous.

There is always a differentiating factor behind every piece, a story, really. My travels, nature, painting, my childhood, and what surrounds me is where I go to get inspiration on a daily basis. But this is not always easy - and sometimes I struggle to use it properly - so I try to keep up with everything that is going on around me, like exhibitions, books, and magazines. Inspiration takes a lot of work, though, and there’s a utter need to keep curiosity going.

In addition to collections created by me, I also offer a custom-made service which comprise of pieces made to order, metal recycling, and cleaning. You can read more about it here.

If you find yourself in need of further information about any product or service, feel free to contact through my website or send me an e-mail to joanamotacapitao@gmail.com.